Recognition of Late Dr. Assia Harbi

On June 19, 2021, the Arab and North African Seismologists, have lost one of the experts in the field of Seismology and Tsunami, and specifically Paleo and historical Seismology, she is late Dr. Assia Harbi.

As a sympathy of this great loss, her name will be recognized during the opening ceremony of ACAG7. Consequently, there will other relevant activities for this purpose which are:

1-There will be a special session during ACAG7. Main topics will be announced shortly.

2- The papers to be presented in this session will be collected together with a chapter on her work and biography, and any contribution from CRAAG, ICTP, AFSC, EOST,..etc will be published in a special book by springer.

3-We’ll announce a special prize for young seismologist from Arab world (probably NAGET members) to be selected out of those papers presented during the session at ACAG. Details of the prize will be announced shortly.

Dr. Assia Harbi In ACAG